Summer School in Classical Archaeology

About ArcheoData


The cooperative ArcheoData was born in 2011 in scientific collaboration with the University and with the Laboratory of Ancient Topography of the University of Pisa. The founders, graduates in various disciplines of archeology (Ancient Topography, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Roman Archaeology), have taken and are still taking part in the activities of the Laboratory, whose area of research includes the Northern part of what once was Etruria (Norther Tuscany).

ArcheoData members add computer skills required for a modern approach to archeology to a long experience in excavations and surveys in Tuscany, Liguria, Lazio, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily.

Some members of the group got a PhDs and School of Specialization in Archaeology degrees, expanding their knowledge on important issues of the archeology of Tuscany, such as the sea trades, the organization of ports and oriental cults.

The main goal we have set ourselves with the establishment of ArcheoData is making a true profession of archeology, combining the scientific method we learned at the University and the desire to tell the general public the results of our scientific research.

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