Summer School in Classical Archaeology

Free Time and Sightseeing


Every week the Summer School’s activities will break on Friday; Saturday and Sunday are days off. The staff and the participants will meet again at dinner on Sundays. The weekend could be used for rest or excursions in the surroundings: some visits (eg. town of Volterra) are planned and participants can chose to take part or not.

The beach is a few hundred meters away from the accomodation.

From the railway station of Rosignano-Solvay, just a few hundred meters away from the accomodation, you can take trains to Pisa, Florence, Lucca and Rome.

In 40 minutes you can reach Pisa, the city of the Leaning Tower. The city has Etruscan origin and was very important in Roman age but the most remarkable monuments you can visit today belong to the Middle Ages, when Pisa was a powerful maritime republic. In Piazza dei Miracoli you can visit the Leaning Tower, the cathedral, the baptistery and the nearby cemetery, religious buildings built between the XIth and XIVth centuries.

In one hour and a half, with a train change at Pisa, you can reach Lucca, a perfectly preserved medieval town encircled inside the Renaissance walls. The city walls was built to defend the city after the introduction of firearms; over them is an avenue along which you can walk, ride a bike, jog and do the whole tour of the city.

In two hours, with a train change at Pisa, you can reach Florence. It’s one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, full of monuments and masterpieces of art. From the station you can reach with a short walk, the famous Piazza della Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery and the beautiful Giardino di Boboli, an Italian garden built by the Medici family in the XVIth century in the heart of the city .

In three hours, without any train change, you can also reach Rome, a city that does not need any comments!

By bus you can also reach the city of Volterra, located in the interior of Tuscany, in a landscape of great beauty; It’s a small medieval town rich in history and monuments. It is worth visiting the Etruscan Museum, the Roman theater and the Piazza dei Priori.


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