Summer School in Classical Archaeology

Digging Vada


Our project stems from archaeological research that the Laboratory of Ancient Topography of the University of Pisa has been conducting for over twenty years at S. Gaetano di Vada (municipality of Rosignano Marittimo, Livorno), along the coast of Tuscany. Here a settlement of considerable interest, related to the harbour system of one of the most famous Etruscan and Roman city in Tuscany, Volterra, has been found and partially excavated.

The Laboratory of Ancient Topography entrusted to Cooperative ArcheoData, made up of experienced archaeologists, a new part of the excavations. Here we started a Summer School open to foreign and Italian students of archaeology, who wish to live an experience of archaeological excavation in Italy (have a look at the results from the 2019 edition). The Summer School 2020 campaign will be held on July 5-25, 2020.


Findings from the Vada Volaterrana site

Findings from the site. a) marble statue of the Eastern God Attis (IInd cent. AD); b) wall painting with head of Medusa (II-III cent. AD); c) small clay statue


These will be our main purposes:

  • Conducting tutorial activities that allow participants to understand the scientific method that archaeologists use today. We will try to explain our work, starting from when a site is identified through surveys and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) investigations, until the stratigraphic excavation, the only activity that allows you understand the whole history of an ancient settlement .
  • Going on the scientific research of the University of Pisa, extending our investigation on a building,¬† identified in 2013 through geophysical surveys, and a Late Antiquity necropolis, consisting of tombs of different types (simple graves and tombs inside amphorae). Participants will be deeply involved in this new adventure, thanks to a team of skillful archaeologists, able to explain clearly all the different aspects of the research they will carry out.
A Roman port along the coast of Tuscany. The Vada Volaterrana Harbour quarter area.

A Roman port along the coast of Tuscany. The Vada Volaterrana Harbour quarter area.