Summer School in Classical Archaeology

Terms and Requirements


Admission procedures

Our summer school at the site of Vada Volaterrana is focused on Roman archaeology and welcomes students in Archaeology, Classics, History, and Arts at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Admission is limited to 20 students.

No prerequisites are requested for the field school; students will be trained for all the activities they’ll experience.

Students interested in applying to the field school must contact us through the online Application Form on this website.

The application deadline is June 15, 2018. However, applications are reviewed as soon as they are received and suitable applicants are accepted immediately.

A short interview (in person, by phone or by Skype) and/or reference letters (e-mails) may be requested. The staff reserves the right to verify any of the information reported in the application form and request supporting documentation (e.g., advising reports; references) at its discretion. Staff will make final decisions regarding enrollment.

Acceptance will be communicated by e-mail. Upon acceptance, students will receive detailed information on the following enrollment requirements:

  1. Tetanus vaccination’s note issued by your doctor.
  2. Proof of Insurance – students must have valid international health and injury insurance (made available through student travel centers) and must provide the insurance provider’s contact information as well as the policy number.
  3. Travel itineraries – all students must provide detailed travel itineraries as soon as they are available. This information will allow field school staff to arrange airport/train station pick-ups and drop-offs in advance.
  4. Payment, to be made through a bank transfer in two steps (initial deposit and final payment).

Students will be required to provide the documentation (tetanus vaccination’s note; proof of insurance) and the initial deposit within three weeks since information about this are provided. The failure to provide all above mentioned documents and payment within this term will constitute an automatic forfeiture of the student’s place in the field-school.



Students will pay support fees in the amount of € 1.990,00 (around $ 2.100).

These fees will cover transports from and to the site, housing, meals, excavation, laboratory equipment, and staff costs.

There are no application fees.

International travel to Italy is not included in these fees and is the students’ sole responsibility.

In case of withdrawal, all support fees minus a non-refundable deposit of $ 1.250 will be refunded. After June 23, 2017 fees will not be refunded.



In order to enable students to obtain credits from their Universities, the Laboratory of Ancient Topography of the University of Pisa will issue signed certificates for all the activities made during the Field School, specifying type and hours, for 6 Pisa University credits.
Participant will be examinated in order to get the credits. The exam will consist in the following parts:
1. Oral examination: the student will be asked three questions about 1) the historical and archaeological framework of the Northern Etruria; 2) the methodology of surveys, excavation and GPR prospections; 3) the classification of ancient pottery.
2. Practical test: the student will be asked to carry out three of the practical activities learnt during the Summer School (e.g. recording a layer, surveying a layer, etc.).
The student will got a vote of a maximum of 30 points, 18 points being the pass mark.