Summer School in Classical Archaeology

Summer School

Training students is, together with carrying out scientific researches, the main aim of our project; during three weeks the Summer School’s students will practice with all the different activities an archaeologist usually does into the field and in the lab, from the discovery of a new site until its stratigraphic excavation and study.

The experience we propose will consist of the three following steps:

  1. Survey
  2. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) analysis
  3. Stratigraphic excavation, consisting of digging on site and related labs (GIS lab, pottery lab)

Students will have 124 hours of lab and field activities, distributed over the course of three weeks:

  • Survey (lectures and field activity): 8 hours
  • Drone lab: 8 hours
  • GPR (lectures and field activity): 8 hours
  • Excavation (lectures and field activity): 76 hours
  • GIS lab: 8 hours
  • Pottery lab: 16 hours

Lectures will focus on the history and archaeology of the harbour of Vada Volaterrana and its sorroundings and on archaeological methods, in order to explain students all the kind of activities they will face during the excavation on site.

Lectures will include the visit of the Archaeological Museum of Rosignano, where the most important findings of Vada Volaterrana (e.g. the marble statue of the oriental god Attis) are preserved, and of the Archeological Museum of Cecina, where Etruscan and Roman age important finds from the area we’ll survey are on display.

The staff will be available at all times to clarify anything and assist where necessary.


Field school schedule

The table shows all the activities of the program of our summer school, for the period of June 30-July 20, 2019. Any change will only be related to weather conditions (rain, etc.)..

Field program (June 30-July 20, 2019)

June 30 (Sunday) Arrivals & Briefing Accomodation
Week Days Activity Notes
1 July 1 (Monday) Physical examinationLectures:
– The project. The Roman port of Vada Volaterrana
– The surveyVisit of the archaeological Museum of Rosignano Marittimo
Pisa UniversityAccomodation
July 2-3 (Tuesday-Wednesday) Survey (sorroundings of the excavation) On site
July 4 (Thursday) GPR-lab (lecture)
GPR-lab (on an archaeological site)
On site
July 5 (Friday) Lectures
– The stratigraphic excavation
– Safety on an archaeological  excavation
– Survey and drawing on site
July 6-7 (Saturday-Sunday) Recreational days
Visit of the Archaeological Museum of Cecina
2 July 8-12 (Monday-Friday) Excavation/pottery lab On site
July 13-14 (Saturday-Sunday) Vada Volaterrana Open day on Saturday – Recreational day on Sunday
Visit of the Etruscan and Medieval town of Volterra
 3 July 15-19 (Monday-Friday) Excavation/pottery and anthropology lab On site
July 20 (Saturday) Departures